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I come by my love for crafting honestly. My mother—the most talented and resourceful person I know—encouraged me to be creative from a very young age. She was always looking for a new project and a new challenge to tackle, and she raised me to do the same. I love to try my hand at all sorts of things and I am constantly looking up new crafts to try. I love bookbinding, candle-making, sewing, knitting, screenprinting, soap-making, and anything else I can dig up on the internet.

But my truest love will always be jewelry-making. Starting out with a box full of stretch cord and pony beads, I have come a long way since I made my first necklaces and bracelets. I have invested hours and god-only-knows how much money into learning every jewelry technique I could. Over the years I have gone through phases in which I explored a new medium with ardent attention. I have fallen in love with bead weaving, wire working, metalsmithing, and chainmail at different points in my life, but even as one dies off a bit to make room for something new, the passion never really leaves me.

Resin—the latest of my loves—has hung around longer than any of the others. No matter what new techniques I stumble across, I automatically start thinking of ways to use it with resin. Even when revisiting the mediums of my past, I now try to incorporate resin into them. Thus I found the basis for the Emily E. Designs jewelry line. Whether it be straight resin work or incorporating resin into chainmail, metalsmithing, or some other jewelry-making medium, Emily E. Designs strives to celebrate the versatility of resin and to create pieces that borrow from many techniques.

In addition to creating my own pieces, I love to stay connected with like-minded individuals.  I also love to help and provide resources to those individuals.  When I was starting out with jewelry-making, those resources were scarce.  I had to search the internet for hours to find even a handful of tutorials.  Now, the internet is much more forthcoming with information, but there is always room for something new!

On this blog you will find frequent tutorials, freebies, and tips on jewelry making, plus reviews of tools, materials, and jewelry-making books.  I will also showcase my own creations and host giveaways.  I will also feature an artist and their shop at least once a month, because there are so many great shops out there that deserve recognition!  I will base these showcases primarily on shops that I’ve taken a liking to personally, but please feel free contact me if you have a shop that you would like to have considered for a feature post!

It is not enough to find one love–for me, crafting will always be the marriage of many things. Hopefully you will find inspiration here to fuel and foster your own love for crafting.